Fouts Homes Testimonials

“Don takes great pride in his homes. I felt as if we were building a house together, not that I was buying a product from him. Don has years of experience and great taste, so his creative ideas and solutions were excellent. He’s also a perfectionist, which is a wonderful trait to have in the home building industry. I built trust with Don, which helped me to relax during the project and actually have a lot of fun. I didn’t feel compelled to micro-manage anything, because I knew he was on top of it.
We truly love our house. It is comfortable and easy to maintain, so we get to spend our free time enjoying our home rather than fixing it. Our home is custom to our needs and tastes, and the details, like the high ceilings and built in shelves and cabinets, are beautiful.”
—Sarah Fiscus
“Don’s attention to detail, including his commitment to using only high quality materials, is apparent when you walk into our home. In fact, we’re still discovering the little things that make our house great! My parents were so impressed, they decided to have Don build them a home of their own.”
—Brian Doherty
“Quality craftsmanship and attention to detail attracted us to Fouts Homes. Working directly with Don and his team was a smooth and enjoyable experience. Don listened, answered our questions patiently, and took care to make sure we were completely satisfied. We wouldn’t hesitate to work with Don again.”
—Julie Feyrer
“We were moving from out-of-state and wanted a single story home for our retirement. We flew in for a weekend and met with Don. He found a beautiful property and we reviewed house plans and decided on the design. Don was easy to work with and had many helpful suggestions. He kept us on schedule we were able to move in by our six-month deadline. Don also kept us informed of the budget throughout, so there were no surprises. His attention to detail is wonderful. We highly recommend Don as a builder.”
—Patti and Stu Hobbs
“Don makes the whole process of building a home manageable for the first-time homeowners. He delivers amenities we hadn’t even considered, but now appreciate so much. He stayed within budget and gets everything done in a timely manner. Don is an honest businessman who is skilled at his craft. We strongly recommend him.”
—Loni and Ethan Anderes
“We were moving back to Davis from the Bay Area and after looking at homes for over two years without success, our agent recommended a custom home by Don Fouts. We are delighted with our comfortable, efficient and very functional home. Don was straight forward, honest, responsive, and a joy to work with. Our recommendation of Don as a builder of excellent homes is unqualified!”
—Roy and Dione Henrickson
“The home building experience with Don was extremely positive. Don remains dedicated to building a high quality home, and he is very good at communicating timetables, expectations, and costs. I was on a strict schedule and Don built our home on time and on budget.”
—Elizabeth Stevens
“Don Fouts builds homes of the highest quality in the Davis market. We have been in our Fouts Home for five years and the quality of workmanship and design is more evident now than ever. Working with a top-notch architect, Don and his subcontractors spared no effort to bring our dream home to reality. Despite our home being only five years old, it’s market value has greatly appreciated. The open design features, along with incredible functionality, are ongoing reminders of the wise decision we made in contracting with Don Fouts to build our home.”
—Ro and Mary Davis
“We purchased our house after the design was complete and most major decisions had been made. With the choices that remained, Don was very helpful and constructive with advice and recommendations. I have always considered the carpentry work in our house outstanding, and we’ve loved raising our three kids here.”
—Kelli and Phil Mayhew
“Don is great to work with. He was very accommodating, always timely, and introduced us to the best vendors for everything else we needed, like window coverings, surround sound, etc. We were surprised that a builder would personally take the time to help us with anything we needed, and answer any questions, and is still, to this day, always available to do so. If it’s something he can take care of right away, he does. We were actually flying to Costa Rica and we somehow left Davis without my husband’s passport. My husband called Don, who went to the house (we had given him a key), got the passport, and sent it right away. It was awesome! Our home means everything to us. It’s perfect for us—everything about it.”
—Rebecca and Kaj Huusfeldt
… A few more happy homeowners
“We love everything about our new home. The construction, architecture, and custom features demonstrate Don’s great care and craftsmanship. Don Fouts doesn’t just build houses, he creates quality homes for families.”
—Dennis Sanchez
“I recommend Fouts Homes to anyone considering a custom home. Don and his team are especially valuable during the design process. We are living in our second Fouts Home, and will probably have Don build a third home for our retirement.”
—John Bjerke